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  • Trip permit

  • Oversize/ Overweight Permits

  • Kentucky Highway Use Tax (KYU)

  • New Mexico Weight Distance

  • New York Highway Use Tax (NYHUT)

  • Oregon Highway Use Tax

  • SCAC

Permiting Services


If you have a vehicle that is currently registered in another state but not apportioned and would like to travel into New Jersey, we can get a Trip Permit for you! This Trip Permit must be carried in the cab of the vehicle otherwise you will be subject to full registration.. The trip permit is valid for 72 hours beginning at the time of issue. Both the date and time of issuance are on the permit along with the vehicle information. Trip Permits cannot be transferable.


NJ Truckers Services Corp can help you obtaining an oversize or overweight permit if your vehicle checks either of the following criteria:

  • Overall height exceeds 13'6"

  • Overall width exceeds 8'6"

  • Trailer length exceeds 48'

  • Overall weight exceeds 80,000 pounds.

There is a wide variety of factors that attribute to the type and cost of permit you need. Please contact us in order for us to receive the needed information from you to supply the correct permit. 


KYU is a tax license issued for all carriers traveling on Kentucky roadways with a combined license weight greater than 59,999 pounds. If you don’t have a KYU Highway Use Tax account, we will set it up for you and once an account is set up, you will receive a KYU number. Do keep in mind that all carriers who obtain a KYU number must file and pay mileage tax on a quarterly basis. We know you are busy, allow us to help you keeping your KYU account up-to-date!



New Mexico imposes a weight-distance tax on owners, operators, and registrants of intra and interstate commercial vehicles with a declared gross vehicle weight in excess of 26,000 pounds. The tax is computed based on mileage traveled on New Mexico highways at a rate determined by the weight of the vehicle. Most permits are issued within 24 hours during business days. Remember that once a permit is issued to you, you will have to file the New Mexico Highway taxes on a quarterly basis in a timely manner to avoid any issues with your permit. We suggest you consult with us on whether you need a temporary or an annual New Mexico Weight Distance permit.


New York State imposes a highway use tax (HUT) on motor carriers operating motor vehicles over 18,000 pounds on New York State public highways (excluding toll-paid portions of the New York State Thruway). The tax rate is based on the weight of the motor vehicle and the method that you choose to report the tax. If you have been issued a certificate of registration (except a highway use tax trip certificate of registration), you must file a highway use tax return on a quarterly basis even if no tax is due, or even if another person will pay any tax due on the use of the vehicle operated under the certificate of registration. 


Once we submit your application for the first time to the state, we will be able to give you a temporary certificate within two business days. If you already have a HUT account, we can provide you with a temporary certificate within the same day the application is submitted. After that, you will receive your HUT registration decal in the mail. It can take up to 3 weeks but with the temporary certificate in hand; you will not have any issues until you receive your decal. 


A HUT decal is not transferable; each decal is issued for a particular motor vehicle. Decals must be secured and positioned as follows:

  • Truck, tractor, or other self-propelled vehicle: On the body, which includes the bumper of the vehicle, as near as possible to the front registration (license) plate.

  • Trailer used to transport automotive fuel: On the body, which includes the bumper of the vehicle, as near as possible to the rear registration (license) plate.


The Oregon Department of Transportation requires motor carriers operating vehicles on public roads within Oregon to report and pay highway-use taxes. ODOT requires that you file reports if you have OR DOT plates or Oregon Weight Receipt and Tax Identifiers (Receipts), even if you do not owe tax. ODOT may suspend your account if you fail to file the required reports. You may choose to report mileage tax on a monthly or quarterly basis. Since 

Oregon does not belong to the IFTA Program, you will not need to report fuel tax. Oregon bases its highway-use tax on the number of miles traveled in Oregon and the weight of the vehicle. 

Hazardous Materials Permits:


The Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC®) is a unique two-to-four-letter code used to identify transportation companies. This code helps identify freight carriers in computer systems and shipping documents such as Bill of Lading, Freight Bill, Packing List, and Purchase Order. 


SCAC applications are usually processed within 24 hours during business days. Depending on the time we process your application, sometimes we are able to get it within a few hours. We will gladly take over the process of applying for a new code or renewing your current one.

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